Irandam Ulagam Movie Review.

Featuring Arya and Anushka in the leads,


Irandam Ulagam is the story of two couples from two different worlds but look alike. Doctor Ramya [Anushka Shetty on Earth] falls in love with professor Madhu Balakrishna [Arya on Earth], but he rejects her proposal. Meanwhile,we get to see second couple Maruvan [Arya in second world] and Varna [Anushka Shetty in second world] in a world where people haven't experienced love yet.

Maruvan fall in love with Varna in the first sight and marry her, but they soon get seperated. On the other hand, Madhu realizes his love for Ramya and starts falling behind her, but it’s too late as she accepts a marriage proposal. Here comes a twist in the story, while Maruvan enters Madhu's world with the help of time worm and fell for Ramya. Whom will Ramya choose and who is left with Varna? Forms the crux of Irandam Ulagam...


Arya has done his parts well, but failed to make an impact in some scenes. His variations in performance as a macho uncivilized Maruvan and Madhu are laudable.

Anushka is feast to watch on screen. Sweety has steal the show with her killer looks and awesome sword fight. As Varna, Anushka looks gorgeous.

To everyone's surprise, perfect Tamil dubbing for other white men in the cast remains audiences laughing.

Technical Analysis:

Selvaraghavan has dreamed of creating a beautiful dream world but lags in depicting his imagination to regular audiences.

Harris Jayaraj's music already topped the charts. Anirudh Ravichander has done descent background score that holds viewers attention.

Cinematographer Ramji has to be tapped for creating a stunning second world, his camera works could be envisioned throughout the movie.

PVP Cinemas lavishly produced Irandam Ulagam with high technical values and VFX works, while

Kola Bhaskar's editing could have been crisp and unusually Irandam Ulagam lacks dubbiing and even lip sink at places.


Director Selvaraghavan and his team strived hard to deliver an awesome visual experience in the form of Irandam Ulagam and all it can be felt while watching the movie, specially in Auro or Dobly Atmos screens.

First half of Irandam ulagam is quite entertaining compared to second half. Second half is bit slow though it has good visuals and appealing background score. Anushka has more screen presence compared to Arya and she has given her best.

Irandam Ulagam, a love story set between two different worlds lags with screenplay, perfect narration and misplacement of songs, while it is watchable for different experience and performances by lead cast.

Final Verdict: Admire Selvaraghavan's dream world without checking for logic...(2.5/5)

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