Pizza2-Villa Movie Review


Pizza 2: Villa starts off with the funeral of Jebin’s [Ashok Selvan] father played by Nassar, a rich businessman and excellent painting artist. Jebin is a hopeful novelist, who becomes writer according to his father’s wish. After losing entire wealth earned by his father, Jebin comes to know about the Villa in Pondichery and heads to the Villa. Jebin asks his love Aarthi [Sanchita Shetty], a painting student to take a visit to his Villa to have a look on the paintings at the Villa. Here story takes a major turn, when Villa starts unveiling the truths that were never revealed by Jebin’s father Nassar to him. Do watch Pizza 2: The Villa for the hidden secrets. A visual treat with Dolby Atmos…


Ashok Selvan lived up to audiences expectations and has delivered a matured performance as a writer. With his dialogue delivery and expressions, Ashok will reach heights if he signs suitable scripts in future.

Sanchita Shetty has done her parts well and as a painting student who is blessed to see such efficient art, her expressions are good.

Naasar and SJ Surya’s cameo are unexpected and fine as well.

Technical Analysis:

Deepan Chakrravarthy has given a promising debut with Pizza 2: Villa, but fails to keep up to the horror quotient compared to Pizza being a sequel, though his screenplay is neat and keeps up to his script.

Santosh Narayanan has sustained his own margins and proved he is unparalleled once again. Pizza 2: Villa audio is already a hit and Santosh has scored an apt background for thriller script.

Deepak Kumar Pathy has excelled with his camera works, which is one of the highlights of Pizza 2: Villa. And VFX works are worth mentioning, especially the scenes of corpse in pre-climax speaks about technical excellence in the film.

As Pizza 2: Villa is only of 1hr 43mins running time there is no unnecessary glamour segment and perfectly sticks to the script.


Pizza 2: The Villa is more a scientific invention than horror thriller and exactly nothing to do with Pizza. One will surely have a thought of this as Pizza 2: Villa is being promoted as Pizza sequel and a horror film.

Technical crew of Pizza 2: The Villa lead by director Deepan Chakravarthy has done great job, not only script wise but also visually far above compared to big budget and stardom movies. Director has precisely depicted his research works on positive and negative energies in the initial scenes and the way Ashok Selvan exposes link between his father’s paintings and his life are intelligent.

Compared to first half of Pizza 2, second half garners more attention with high visual effects and disclosing earth shattering truths. Interval bang and climax shot are not to miss aspects. In fact whole movie needs your attention so that you don’t miss the thrill. Real treat if you see the movie without expectations.

Final Verdict: Must watch science fiction thriller…
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