Ivan Veramathiri Movie Review

Starring: Vikrambrabhu, Surabhi, Vamsikrishna
Music: C.Sathya
cinematography: Shakthi
Directer: M. Saravanan
Ivan Veramathiri is about a widespread man who concludes to confront awful forces. A genuine awful friend Eeswaran [Vamsi Krishna] is a detainee who comes out in parole to meet his male sibling, a mighty political leader. Unfortunately, Gunasekaran [Vikram Prabhu] kidnaps Eeswaran and security devices him in an unfinished apartment in the city outskirts and tortures him brutally. As the days passed, Eeswaran and his male sibling takes alallotmentment of pressure as the former has to proceed back to prison on time. Finally Eeswaran escapes from the dark jail and kidnaps Malini [Surabhi] and tortures Malini in come back to get the limph of Gunasekarran inorder to take revenge. Did Eeswaran take revenge on Gunasekaran? Will Gunasekaran do well in saving Malini? Forms the crux of Ivan Veramathiri...


Vikram Prabhu has delivered a fall presentation that is totally in contrast to his debut Kumki. Though his proceed as a fervent cooperative widespread man is appealing, he has to focus on his promenading.

Surabhi was granted enough space to perform and the debutant player has perfectly emoted in both her loving and emotional scenes. She is pretty on computer display and has long way in Kollywood.

Vamsi Krishna has delivered a mature presentation yet afresh. As a villain, Vamsi is a tough competitor to the protogonists in the tinsel village.

Though he was given restricted scenes, Ganesh Venkatram bloomed his charishma as a stylish policemanmanman agent and departs an impact in the audiences brain.

Technical Analysis:

controller Saravanan has verified his abilities in blending an activity thriller with right blend of comical performance and love portions. But his screenplay takes a drop in the second half, even when there are couple of scenes that grab viewers vigilance.

C.Sathya's music is worth citing, as bacground performances key role in activity thrillers. While only two of his songs are spectacular on sceen.

Newguy Shakthi's cinematography is impressive, particularly in the first half. revising by A. Sreekar Prasad is ok, but could have done better as there are couple of dragging scenes in the second half.


Ivan Veramathiri, as tthe name suggests our champion is totally distinct, but not in negative sense. Vikram plays a gutsy friend, where a common man takes on evil powers and try to penalize the criminal. In such cases usually people just accuse policeman and Government instead of taking direct measures.

M. Saravanan has nearly taken the film to perfection, but un-noticingly departs couple of nuances in the seconf half. First half of Ivan Veeramathiri is racy with enough romance, comedy and action sequences contrasted to the second half, which is identically surpassed with some drawn out scenes that catches viewers attention. gap shot, pre-climax and climax scenes are the assets of the movie.

Final Verdict: Classical and amusing action thriller...

Tamilcinemahub Rating (3.5/5)

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