Arrambam Movie Review:


Ashok [Ajith], a patriot on mission for exposing the people behind an ugly scam that is uproot to mafia. Ashok Kumar aka AK is supported by Nayantara in his operation. As story progresses AK ropes in techie hacker played by Arya, who falls for Taapsee, a journalist. Arrambam story takes twists and turns here with an intriguing mass interval and reveals the main plot with a flashback in the second half. Will AK succeeds in his assignment? Forms the Aarambam crux…

Watch Ajith’s Arrambam for the flashback and stick to the seats twists and turns…

Once again ajith proves his mass, he played a stylish role in this film, Ajith look, action, centiment , style was good.

She play a role Supporting ajith for his  Mission, Nayan acting and glamour is surely touch the youths heart. . .

First he miss undarstanding with ajith, and finaly he heared Ashok(ajith) flash back and arya also joined ajith Revenge. First half arya college getup is very funny.

Tapsee(Anita): she is a journalist and arya fall in love with her, he play a small role but cute.
Rana: He is a special appereance in this film , he comes only 15min but very powerfull role and he turns the story.

Yuvan: Music Yen fuse pochu song was very well, and ajith opening song was mass. Backround music is awesome.

Camera locations and action squences are superb &Dialogue was very nice

Verdict: Once again Vishnuvardhan-ajith gives a mass movie. . . but some logic miss

Rating: 3.5/5.(Tamil cinema hub)

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