Pandiya Nadu Movie Review:

Vishal brother murdered by villan, so vishal and his father(Bharathi raja) plan to revenge for murder.Simply a revange story But dfferent screenplay,

Also lot of film act like actions story, but this film he played a different genure of action, Vishal acting is good
after Avan Ivan film.

Laxmi manon: She and vishal combination good,Laxmi once again proves she is a best actress

Bharathi raja: He take a roll for vishal father, his experssion, and crying for his son death scene , he proved a best actor also

D.Imman: A successful music directer imman gives a nice song to this film, Othakada othakada machan, tahiarey thaiarey song was fast beat
and fi fi song is very nice.

Verdict: Directer suseendran takes a madurai story and achived success for his effort. But his nan mahan alla story slightly matched i n this film

Rank: 3.15/5,(Tamil cinema hub) follw(www.facebook.com/Tamil cinema Hub)

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