Maan Karate Tamil Movie Review


Maan Karate Movie Starts with a bunch of friends as well as Ethir Neechal Sathish roaming in an exceedingly forest in search of a saint to urge blessings. Fortune favours them within the variety of a newspaper, wherever it's written that an area guy named Peter [Siva Karthikeyan] can win the future boxing tournament and can gift the offered money prize to Satish and his friends.

On the opposite hand Peter is a creative native guy with little worldly exposure UN agency tries to impress his girlfriend Yazhini [Hansika] all the time and poses sort of a boxer to woo her, as she is an infatuated fan of sports. Destiny has larger plans and Peter had to register for the boxing tourney. What happens next forms the story.

Watch Maan karate movie to grasp, however Satish and friends meet Peter? can they settle for the reward won by Peter...


Siva Karthikeyan is at his regular best, his temporal arrangement worked wonders on-screen. Shiva has excelled together with his diversion expulsion emotions and his effort to step into the shoes of a boxer.

Hansika has slimmed down and appears beautiful on-screen. She has absolutely done her role with killer appearance and delightful expressions in songs.

After obtaining credits for his role in Ivan Vera Mathiri, Vamsi Krishna has once agin tested his hands in taking part in AN antagonist role.

Among others, Sathish together with his one-liners, Aswathi and therefore the thespian UN agency vie Vamsi's married person wants a special mention. Soori’s anaglyph didn't chuckle among audiences whereas special look by Anirudh Ravichander and AR Murugadoss in 'Open The Tasmac' song square measure sensible.

Technical Analysis:

Debutante Thirukumaran ought to work a lot of on the book, particularly the half is totally sure in each frame and therefore the climax is AN exception.

AR Murugadoss's script is crystal clear and could be a package of recreation regarded with business parts and emotions, execution makes all the distinction.

Anirudh Ravichander has other an extra hit album to his list however constant isn't felt with Maan martial art background scores. ‘Maanja’ and ‘Un Vizhigalil’ songs square measure speed breakers.

Sukumar's photography is spirited and good within the initial jiffy as he transports USA right into the proceedings on screen. His usage of sunshine is wonderful in song visuals and costumes of the lead combine wants a special mention here.

A. Sreekar Prasad's written material is okay, however might have cut few scenes within the half to create it a lot of crisper.

P. Madan has keenly made Maan Karate Movie with timely promotions, however the film could not live up to the abundant hyped expectations owing to forced song placement and lewd comic scenes.


Thirukumaran has absolutely handled the moving-picture show 0.5 means through, however he could not take audiences on within the scenes wherever a traditional go-happy guy Peter transforms into Boxer and climax is comic. Shiva Karthikeyan, Hansika, Anirudh and lensman Sukumar square measure the highlights of Maan Karate.

Final Verdict: Watchable Summer entertainement movie...

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